Master thesis - 2020
5 months
Performed by: Emil Larsson & William Press
Collaboration between Scania & Luleå University of Technology
For complete view of our work, please click the button below to download and read the master thesis report.
Who has the time to read an extensive master thesis report?

Luckily, we saved your day!

This video showcases the entire master thesis result in a condensed inspiring way, enjoy.
This 8 minute video was produced as a compliment to the finally delivery, which is the master thesis report. Being daily consumers of online content in this modern world we felt the need to push our capabilities to provide a pleasant user experience for anyone wanting to consume and learn from our master thesis in a short amount of time.
The video was produced entirely from scratch using the 3D surface modelling software Alias to modify an existing Scania truck, Blender to create 3D environments, animate and render the videos, Mixamo to create and rigg digital humans and finally Adobe After Effects to create the graphical overlays. Non-copyrighted 3D assets and music was also used to speed up the process.
Excited for more?
Do you want to understand the work that was performed to conclude the master thesis and finally produce this animated video?

You are almost in luck!
This page is currently being updated and crafted for perfection for you. Be sure to check back in a while. Here is a sneak peak on our GIGA-map which outlines insights gained from the pre-study.

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